Tawaran Beasiswa S3 dari SEARCA 2019

PhD Research Scholarship

In November 2005, SEARCA established the PhD Research Scholarship, which provides financial support to qualified PhD students whose researches are relevant to the priority thrusts of SEARCA (see scholarship statistics).

The PhD research scholarship aims to:

  • Provide PhD students the opportunity to use the resources and facilities available at SEARCA and its network of universities for their research;
  • Produce quality research papers for publication; and
  • Enable them to work with SEARCA’s R&D personnel on mutually identified areas of concerns/interests in agriculture and rural development.


Priority 1. Southeast Asian nationals who are enrolled in PhD programs in any of the member universities under the Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC)1.

Priority 2. Southeast Asian nationals who are regular staff members of government agencies or non-profit development-oriented institutions, and are PhD students of agricultural universities outside of UC.

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